The Lawsuit Against BNP Paribas by Sudanese Refugees

As more and more Sudanese refugees join the United States, it seems extremely likely that you are going to see more and more lawsuits coming forward. You will find these lawsuits aimed at a very specific group of individuals. More to the point, you are going to see these lawsuits pointed at war profiteers.

 What Does the Lawsuit Mean for The Future

 If the recent lawsuit against BNP Paribas is any indication of things, as dui lawyers in Oakland believe, companies, banks, or other organizations that might qualify as “war profiteers” should be highly nervous. While these lawsuits cannot hope to replace the damage that has been done against the region of Darfur and elsewhere, it is worth seeing something positive in what has happened so far. It is worth seeing something positive, in terms of what might happen in the future and it might be a new strategy to curb horrendous behavior from groups that believed they would not be held accountable.


On May 2nd, 2016 refugees from Sudan filed a complaint against BNP Paribas in U.S. Federal Court. According to the lawsuit it was filed in regards to the banking institution’s contributions to the genocides in Darfur. This same lawsuit believes that the bank had given funds to the Sudanese government. These funds in turn were used to purchase bombs, tanks, and other instruments of war. All of this hardware was then turned over to the pro-Sudan militia. Thus far, this militia has murdered hundreds of thousands of people. Thousands of villages have been obliterated. Millions of people have been displaced.

As mentioned before, these lawsuits are beyond understandable. In regards to the ongoing lawsuit against BNP Paribas, it is profoundly important to pay attention to the outcome. It is going to give us a clear indication of what future lawsuits against war profiteers might entail.

 Hard Times for BNP Paribas?

 This isn’t the first time that BNP Paribas has found itself in some form of trouble. The lawsuit from the Sudanese refugees comes approximately two years after BNP Paribas was required to pay nine billion dollars, in exchange for bad dealings with “rogue” nations. For over a decade, the French Bank has had to contend with rumors and accusations of their financial dealings. It would seem that in the present, they are finally beginning to pay back a small percentage of the enormous amount of money they have gained from the suffering from others, according to critics of the bank.

To put it one way: Accusations against BNP Paribas goes back to the days of Saddam Hussein.

Although BNP Paribas has been successful against certain lawsuits (such as one from federal court), they have found themselves coming up largely short, according to critics.

With the Sudanese lawsuit, more than one dozen victims of the ongoing tragedies in Darfur and elsewhere have come forward. They have made it clear in no uncertain terms that the weapons funded by BNP caused their pain. As information has revealed, this pain has come in the form of murder, destruction of their homes, perhaps permanent displacement, rape, and more. The stories are horrifying. The details are overwhelming. It has been suggested for years that BNP Paribas has had connections to some of the most monstrous governments and dictators in recent history. At long last, individuals who have survived the horrors of Sudan are looking to hurt the French bank, according to critics. They endeavor to do this in the most effective fashion possible.

 Will Other Sudanese Refugees File Lawsuits?

 Part of the complaint makes clear that the transactions named in the suit played a vital role in financing the crude oil exports from Sudan. Approximately eighty-five percent of the economy of Sudan comes from this specific export.

As far as the future of these types of lawsuits go, it is going to be worth paying attention to what comes out of the current suit. Furthermore, you will want to consider the fact that as more and more Sudanese refugees become United States citizens, you are talking about more and more individuals who are going to have the power of the U.S. courts in their corner. To be sure, this is something rather powerful to have. At the same time, as we mentioned before, it is going to be important to pay attention to the current lawsuit filed against BNP.

The results of that lawsuit are going to send a profound message to other Sudanese refugees.